Accepted as a Full Paper

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
103 Seismic Attribute Assisted Interpretation Confidence Classification Using Machine Learning Wolfgang Weinzierl, Schlumberger
114 Thyme: Improving Smartphone Prompt Timing through Activity Awareness Samaneh Aminikhanghahi, Ramin Fallahzadeh, Matthew Sawyer, Diane Cook
118 Deep Learning Based Car Damage Classification Kalpesh Patil, Mandar Kulkarni, Anand Sriraman, Shirish Karande
130 Realistic Traffic Generation for Web Robots Kyle Brown, Derek Doran
133 Comparing Transfer Learning and Traditional Learning Under Domain Class Imbalance Karl Weiss, Taghi Khoshgoftaar
135 Anomaly Prediction Based on k-means Clustering for Memory-constrained Embedded Devices Yuto Kitagawa, Tasuku Ishigoka, Takuya Azumi
140 Recognition of Sound using Masked Conditional Neural Networks Fady Medhat, David Chesmore, John Robinson
145 Over-dispersion for Network Data Clustering Lu Wang, Dongxiao Zhu, Yan Li, Ming Dong
149 On the Impacts of Noise from Group-Based Label Collection for Visual Classification Maggie Wigness, Steven Gutstein
150 EyeQual: Accurate, Explainable, Retinal Image Quality Assessment Pedro Vendas da Costa, Christos Faloutsos
153 Cognitive Computing to Optimize IT Services Abbas Ali
165 Wearable Motion Sensor Based Analysis of Swing Sports Akash Anand, Manish Sharma, Rupika Srivastava, Divya Prakash, Lakshmi Kaligounder
170 UoI-NMF_cluster: A Robust Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithm for Improved Parts-Based Decomposition and Reconstruction of Noisy Data Shashanka Ubaru, Kesheng Wu, Kristofer Bouchard
173 An empirical study of cross-lingual transfer learning techniques for small-footprint keyword spotting Ming Sun
175 RobustSPAM for inference from noisy longitudinal data and preservation of privacy Anna Palczewska, Jan Palczewski, Georgios Aivaliotis
178 A Machine Learning Approach to Detecting Sensor Data Modification Intrusions in WBANs Alexander Verner, Dany Butvinik
183 Clustering Distributed Short Time Series with Dense Patterns Josenildo da Silva, Gustavo H. B. S. Oliveira, Stefano Lodi, Matthias Klusch
184 Parametric Exponential Linear Unit for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Ludovic Trottier, Philippe Giguere, Brahim Chaib-draa
185 Deep Learning of Cell Classification using Microscope Images of Intracellular Microtubule Networks Aleksei Shpilman
195 Understading Image Restoration Convolutional Neural Networks with Network Inversion Églen Protas, José Bratti, Joel Gaya, Paulo Drews Jr, Silvia Botelho
198 Multiple Kernel Representation Learning for WiFi-based Human Activity Recognition Han Zou, Yuxun Zhou
201 Stochastic Primal-Dual Method on Riemannian Manifolds with Bounded Sectional Curvature Masoud Badiei Khuzani, Na Li
212 Learning to Coordinate with Deep Reinforcement Learning in Doubles Pong Game Elhadji DIALLO, Ayumi Sugiyama, Toshiharu Sugawara
219 A Hybrid Scheme for Fault Diagnosis with Partially Labeled Sets of Observations Roozbeh Razavi-Far, Ehsan Hallaji, Mehrdad Saif, Luis Rueda
227 Automatic Algorithm Recognition of Source-Code using Machine Learning Maged Shalaby, Tarek Mehrez, Amr El Mougy, Khalid Abdulnasser, Aysha Alsafty
238 Multi-label Classification With Weighted Labels Using Learning Classifier Systems Shabnam Nazmi, Mohammad Razeghi-Jahromi, Abdollah Homaifar
239 Training Convolutional Networks on Truncated Text Joseph Prusa
246 Learning Robust Video Synchronization without Annotations Patrick Wieschollek, Hendrik Lensch
252 Incomplete Dot Products for Dynamic Computation Scaling in Neural Network Inference Bradley McDanel
257 The Effect of Communication on Noncooperative Multiplayer Multi-Armed Bandit Problems Noyan Evirgen, Alper Kose
259 NMF-based Label Space Factorization for Multi-label Classification Mohammad Firouzi, Mahmood Karimian, Mahdieh Soleymani
261 DeepPositioning: Intelligent Fusion of Pervasive Magnetic Field and WiFi Fingerprinting for Smartphone Indoor Localization via Deep Learning Wei Zhang, Weimin Lei, John Fodero, Shiv Shiv Rajora, Xiaolin Li
264 Anytime Exploitation of Stragglers in Synchronous Stochastic Gradient Descent Nuwan Ferdinand, Benjamin Gharachorloo, Stark Draper
267 Google's Cloud Vision API Is Not Robust To Noise Hossein Hosseini, Baicen Xiao, Radha Poovendran
268 DenseNet with pre-activated deconvolution for estimating depth map from single image Saurav Sharma, Ram Padhy, Suman Choudhury, Nabarun Goswami, Pankaj Kumar Sa
269 Automatic Generation and Recommendation for API Mashups Qinghan Xue,Lei Liu, Weipeng Chen
270 Automatic scoring of a nonword repetition test Meysam Asgari
282 Stacking Methods for Hierarchical Classification Felipe Nakano, Ricardo Cerri, Saulo Mastelini, Sylvio Barbon
284 Time-Sensitive Adaptation of Regularization Strength of Recurrent Neural Networks for Accurate Learning Kangil Kim
297 Predictive Modelling Strategies to Understand Heterogeneous Manifestations of Asthma in Early Life Rachel Cassidy, Danielle Belgrave, Daniel Stamate
298 Classification-based Adaptive Web Scraper Ujwal B V S, Bharat Gaind, Abhishek Kundu, Kamalesh Sampath, Anusha Holla, Mukund Rungta
311 An Evolutionary Learning Approach to Self-Configuring Image Pipelines in the Context of Carbon Fiber Fault Detection Andreas Margraf, Anthony Stein, Leonhard Engstler, Steffen Geinitz, Joerg Haehner
313 Fast MCMC Methods for Computing the Fisher Information Matrix of Deep Restricted Boltzmann Machines Parinaz Farajiparvar, Matthew Nokleby
316 Deep Learning for Microalgae Classification Iago Corrêa, Paulo Drews Jr, Márcio Silva de Souza, Virginia Tavano
321 Home Appliance Energy Disaggregation Using Low Frequency Data and Machine Learning Classifiers Yan Gao, Alan Schay, Daqing Hou, Jorge Ortiz
325 Online Structure-Search for Sum-Product Networks Aaron Dennis, Dan Ventura
328 Direct multiclass boosting using base classifiers' posterior probabilities estimates Mathias Bourel, Badih Ghattas
336 Security of Machine Learning Algorithms in Biometric Authentication Systems Koosha Sadeghi, Ayan Banerjee, Javad Sohankar, Sandeep Gupta
341 Machine Learning in Appearance-based Robot Self-localization Evgeny Burnaev, Skoltech, Alexander Bernstein, Yury Yanovich, Alexander Kuleshov
351 Deep Transductive Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Speech Separation Yalin Liu, Naiyang Guan, Jie Liu
353 Lecture video indexing using boosted margin maximizing neural networks Di Ma, Xi Zhang, Xu Ouyang, Gady Agam
360 Determining Trolling in Text Comments Luis Mojica, Vincent Ng
361 Learning Antecedent Structures Jing Lu, Vincent Ng
369 On the Limitation of Convolutional Neural Networks in Recognizing Negative Images Hossein Hosseini, Baicen Xiao, Mayoore Jaiswal, Radha Poovendran
375 Classification of Pollen Grain Images Based on an Ensemble of Classifiers David Arias, Marcos Cirne, Josimar Saire, Helio Pedrini
383 Integrated Framework for Improving Large-scale Hierarchical Classification Azad Naik, Huzefa Rangwala
387 A Birth-Death Modelling Framework for Inferring Disease Causality within the Context of Allergy Development Danielle Belgrave, Konstantina Palla

Accepted as a Short Paper

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
104 On Classifying Facial Races with Partial Occlusions and Pose Variations Tarik Alafif, Zeyad Hailat, Melih Aslan, Xuewen Chen
109 Anomaly Detection in Earth Dam and Levee Passive Seismic Data using Multivariate Gaussian Wendy Fisher, Wendy Fisher,Blake Jackson, Tracy Camp, Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya
110 Cost-Sensitive Machine Learning Classification for Mass Tuberculosis Screening Ali Septiandri
112 Image analysis tool with Laws’ masks to bone texture Norma Ramirez, Maria Citlalli Hernández Escareño, Juan Rodolfo Maestre Rendón
115 Multiple Kernel Learning Using Sparse Representation Nick Klausner
116 Ant Colony Optimization with Stepwise Localization of the Discrete Search Space to Solve Function Optimization Problems Ryouei Takahashi, Yukihiro Nakamura
119 Putting Self-Supervised Token Embedding on the Tables Marc Szafraniec
120 Machine Learning Methods for 1D Ultrasound Breast Cancer Screening Neil Joshi, Seth Billings, Erica Schwartz, Susan Harvey, Philippe Burlina
121 A Hybrid Approach for Incorporating Deep Visual Features and Side Channel Information with Applications to AMD Detection Arnaldo Horta, Michael Pekala, Neil Joshi, Jun Kong, Katia Pacheco, Neil Bressler, David Freund, Philippe Burlina
122 Deep Mixture of Experts with Diverse Task Spaces Jianping Fan, Tianyi Zhao, Jun Yu, Wei Zhang, Baopeng Zhang
123 Privacy Setting Recommendation for Image Sharing Jun Yu, Jianping Fan, Zhenzhong Kuang, Dan Lin, Wei Zhang
126 An Investigation of How Neural Networks Learn From the Experiences of Peers Through Periodic Weight Averaging Josh Smith, Michael Gashler
131 Box-constrained Discriminant Projective Non-negative Matrix Factorization through Augmented Lagrangian Multiplier Method Xiaogang Li, Xiang Zhang, Naiyang Guan, Zhigang Luo
141 Detection of Exfiltration and Tunneling over DNS Anirban Das, Min-Yi Shen, Madhusudana Shashanka, Charles Schwab; Jisheng Wang,
143 An Evolutionary Approach to General-Purpose Automated Speed and Lane Change Behavior Carl-Johan Hoel,
147 Computable Expert Knowledge in Computer Games Kevin Fujii*, Fushing Hsieh, Cho-Jui Hsieh
148 SUBIC: A Supervised Bi-Clustering Approach for Precision Medicine Milad Zafar Nezhad, Dongxiao Zhu, Najibesadat Sadati, Kai Yang, Phillip Levi
151 Reverse Engineering Regulatory Networks in Cells Using a Dynamic Bayesian Network and Mutual Information Scoring Function Haodi Jiang, Turki Turki, Jason Wang
156 Relevancy Ranking of User Recommendations of Services based on Browsing Patterns Joy Bose, Suresh Gudla, Srinath Srinivasa, Venu Gopal Gajam
158 A Neural Network Approach to Derive the Horizontal Spaces in Typefaces Ponnamperuma Arachchige Ayantha Randika, Manjusri Wickramasinghe
159 Human Action Recognition Based on a Two-stream Convolutional Network Classifier Vinícius Silva, Alexandre Romariz, Flavio Vidal
160 A Flexible Architecture to Integrate the Solar Satellite Image Time Series Data - The SETL Architecture Carlos Silveira Junior, Marilde Santos, Marcela Ribeiro
161 A Privacy Aware Multi-Agent Data Mining System Gustavo H. B. S. Oliveira, Josenildo da Silva, Omar A. C. Cortes, Luciano R. Coutinho
162 Multidisciplinary Optimization in Decentralized Reinforcement Learning Thanh Nguyen, Snehasis Mukhopadhyay
164 Bias Discovery in News Articles Using Word Vectors Joy Bose, Anish Patankar
169 Adjusting Real-Time Mode Transitions via Genetic Algorithms Gordon Chalmers
171 Towards Self-Learning Optical Music Recognition Alexander Pacha, Horst Eidenberger
172 Human Action Recognition Using Optical Flow and Convolutional Neural Networks Marco Wrzalik, Dirk Krechel
176 Deep Learning based Link Failure Mitigation Shubham Khunteta, Ashok Kumar Reddy Chavva
177 A Bayesian network decision model for supporting the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease Ahmed Masmoudi
190 Multi-view (Joint) Probability Linear Discrimination Analysis for Multi-view Feature Verification Ziqiang Shi, Liu Liu, Mengjiao Wang, Rujie Liu
191 Cache-efficient Gradient Descent Algorithm Imen Chakroun, Tom Vander, Thomas Ashby
192 Conformal prediction using random survival forests Henrik Bostrom, Lars Asker, Ram Gurung, Isak Karlsson, Tony Lindgren, Panagiotis Papapetrou
194 A Hierarchical, bulk-synchronous stochastic gradient descent algorithm for deep-learning applications on GPU clusters Guojing Cong
199 Deep Uncertainty Interpretation in Dyadic Human Activity Prediction Maryam Ziaeefard,Robert Bergevin, Lalonde Jean-Francois
204 Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Digital Radio Frequency Transmissions Benjamin Migliori, Daniel Gebhardt, Michael Walton, Logan Straatemeier, Maurice Ayache
206 Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Recognition of Indian Sign Language Sumesh Iyer, Shreyas N, Nikhil Aatrei M
207 Using LSTM Encoder-Decoder Algorithm for Detecting Anomalous ADS-B Messages Edan Habler, Asaf Shabtai
208 ADL Classification based on Autocorrelation Function of Inertial signals Walid Gomaa, Reda Elbasiony, Sara Mohammed
209 Inferring time when people visit a location using Social network data Md Moniruzzaman, Ken Barker
211 Predicting Waiting Time Overflow on Bank Teller Queues Roberto Mourão, Guilherme Ramos, Ricardo Carvalho, Rommel Carvalho
213 Deep Multi-Camera People Detection Tatjana Chavdarova, Francois Fleuret
216 Predicting the five positions of LNB basketball players with individual players statistics using machine learning techniques Wellington Santos
217 Surface roughness discrimination using unsupervised machine learning algorithms Longhui Qin, Yilei Zhang
218 Predicting Departure Time Based on Internal Sensors of Mobile Devices Ron Bitton
220 Medicare Fraud Detection using Machine Learning Methods Justin Mason
221 Exposing Computer Generated Images by Eye’s Features Extraction via Transfer Learning of VGG19 CNN Tiago Carvalho, Matheus Teles, Edmar Rezende, Fernanda Balieiro, Ricardo Sovat
223 Real-Time Patient Adaptivity for Freezing of Gait Classification Through Semi-Supervised Neural Networks Val Mikos
224 HWBI : Health and Well-Being Index. A neural network based index which quantifies the cumulative impact of lifestyle habits on personal health and well-being and demonstration of its application in managing the risk of diabetes. Yesoda Bhargava, Raj Roy
229 An empirical study of the hidden matrix rank for neural networks with random weights Pablo Henríquez, Gonzalo Ruz
231 Better Worst-case Complexity Analysis of the Block Coordinate Descent Method for Large Scale Machine Learning Ziqiang Shi, Rujie Liu
232 Dynamic Pricing via Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Objective Optimization in the On-Demand Economy Aayush Gupta
233 Collaborative Filtering Based on the Latent Class Model for Attributes Manabu Kobayashi, Kenta Mikawa, Masayuki Goto, Toshiyasu Matsushima, Shigeichi Hirasawa
234 Evolving Adaptive Traffic Signal Controllers for a Real Scenario Using Genetic Programming with an Epigenetic Mechanism Esteban Ricalde Gonzalez, Wolfgang Banzhaf
236 A Sequential Inverse Approximation of a Regularized Sample Covariance Matrix Tomer Lancewicki
237 Deep Ensembles for Imbalanced Classification Natalia Kozlovskaya, Alexey Zaytsev
240 Modeling a Classifier for Solving Safety-Critical Binary Classification Tasks Ibrahim Alagöz
243 Integrating Prior Knowledge into Deep Learning Soumali Roychowdhury, Michelangelo Diligenti, Marco Gori
244 Catch It If You Can: Real-Time Network Anomaly Detection With Low False Alarm Rates Georgios Kathareios, Andreea Anghel, Ákos Máté, Rolf Clauberg, Mitch Gusat
247 A methodology for enhancing data quality for classification purposes using Attribute-based Decision Graphs João Bertini
248 Generalized Convolutional Neural Networks for Point Cloud Data Aleksandr Savchenkov
249 OP-DCI: A Riskless K-Means Clustering for Influential User Identification in MOOC Forum Xiangyu Hou
250 Identifying anomalies in parliamentary expenditures of Brazilian Chamber of Deputies with Deep Learning Thiago Gomes, Rommel Carvalho, Ricardo Carvalho
253 Recognition of Human Activities using Fast and Adaptive Sparse Representation based on Wearable Sensors Long Cheng, Yiyi Yu, Xinyang Liu, Yani Guan
254 Use of Machine Learning for Detection of Unaware Facial Recognition Without Individual Training Christopher Bellman, Miguel Vargas Martin
262 A deep learning approach for light source position estimation in mixed reality Bruno Augusto D Marques, Cristina Vasconcelos, Esteban Clua
263 Performance Comparison of Algorithms for Movie Rating Estimation Alper Kose, Can Kanbak, Noyan Evirgen
271 Using short URLs in tweets to improve Twitter opinion mining Andrei Pavel, V. Palade, R. Iqbal, A. Abdulrahman, D. Hintea
277 Tree-structured Curriculum Learning based on Semantic Similarity of Text Sanggyu Han, Sung-Hyon Myaeng
280 Ambiguity aware Arabic document indexing and query expansion: a morphological knowledge learning-based approach Nadia Soudani, Ibrahim Bounhas, Sawssen Ben Babbis
281 An Ensembled RBF Extreme Learning Machine to Forecast Road Surface Temperature Bo Liu, Shuo Yan, Huanling You, Jianqiang Li
287 Schemes for Labeling Semantic Code Clones using Machine Learning Abdullah Sheneamer, Hanan Hazazi, Swarup Roy, Jugal Kalita
290 Evaluation of Microgesture Recognition using a Smartwatch Gaurav Gupta, Sonu Agarwal, Sanjay Ghosh
293 Automatic Fault Diagnosis of Drills Using Artificial Neural Networks Caleb Vununu, Ki-Ryong Kwon
294 Actively Discover Knowledge by Structural Risk Estimation Weining Wu
295 Learning Long-Term Situation Prediction for Automated Driving Stefan Hoermann, Martin Bach, Klaus Dietmayer
299 Transfer Learning for Large Scale Data using Subspace Alignment Nassara ELHADJI-ILLE-GADO, Edith GRALL, Malika KHAROUF
303 Malicious Software Classification using Transfer Learning of ResNet-50 Deep Neural Network Edmar Rezende, Guilherme Ruppert, Tiago Carvalho, Fabio Ramos, Paulo de Geus
306 Text Classification using Hierarchical Sparse Representation Classifiers Neeraj Sharma, Dileep A.D, Veena Thenkanidiyoor
307 Two-phase Parallel Learning to Identify Similar Structures among Relational Databases DEBORA REIS, Ricardo Carvalho, Rommel Carvalho
309 Predicting waiting times in Radiation Oncology using machine learning Ackeem Joseph, John Kildea, Tarek Hijal, Laurie Hendren, David H.
310 Evaluating the use of Brazilian companies' financial footnotes texts for debt variation prediction Augusto Maeda, Ricardo Carvalho, Rommel Carvalho
317 Inferring linear and nonlinear Interaction networks using neighborhood support vector machines Kamel Jebreen, Badih Ghattas
322 Human Action Recognition from Body-Part Directional Velocity using Hidden Markov Models Sidahmed Talha, Anthony Fleury, Sébastien Ambellouis
324 Autoencoder-Enhanced Sum-Product Networks Aaron Dennis, Dan Ventura
326 Identifying Bees' Species by Means of Machine Learning Helder Arruda
329 Performance and Security Strength Trade-Off in Machine Learning Based Biometric Authentication Systems Koosha Sadeghi, Ayan Banerjee, Javad Sohankar, Sandeep Gupta
332 Predicting Hotel Bookings Cancellation With a Machine Learning Classification Model Nuno Antonio, Ana Almeida, Luis Nunes
333 Structured Causal Inference for Rare Events: An Industrial Application to Analyze Heating-Cooling Device Failure Pranjul Yadav, Unmesh Kurup, Mohak Shah
338 Monitoring Health Changes in Congestive Heart Failure Patients using Wearables and Clinical Data Robert Fisher, Asim Smailagic, Brian French, Daniel Siewiorek
342 Histogram-based Asymmetric Relabeling For Learning from Only Positive and Unlabeled Data Tom Arjannikov, George Tzanetakis
345 FIT-EVE\&ADAM: Estimation of Velocity \& Energy for\\ Automated Diet Active Monitoring Prajwal Paudyal, Junghyo Lee, Koosha Sadeghi, Javad Sohankar, Ayan Banerjee, Sandeep Gupta
346 Early prediction of college dropout using data mining Luiz Martins, Márcio Victorino, Maristela Holanda, Rommel Carvalho, Ricardo Carvalho
350 Temporal Face Embedding as Biometric Tokenization for Decentralized IoT Seyed Ali Miraftabzadeh, Paul Rad, Mo Jamshidi
352 Model Guided Deep Learning Approach Towards Prediction of Physical System Behavior Subhasish Das, Anurag Agrawal, Ayan Banerjee, Sandeep Gupta
358 Time-Sensitive Behavior Prediction in a Health Social Network Amnay Amimeur, Hai Phan, Dejing Dou, Brigitte Piniewski, David Kil
363 Incremental Open Set Intrusion Recognition Using Extreme Value Machine James Henrydoss, Steve Cruz, Ethan Rudd, Terrance Boult
366 Food Recognition and Attribute Estimation Using Deep Learning and Vector Embeddings Raza Yunus, Hira Noor, Tazeen Haider, Omar Arif
371 Preference Learning from Multi-attribute Pairwise Comparisons: A Car Recommender Case Study Nunung Qomariyah
373 A Deep-Learning-Based Approach for Automated Wagon Component Inspection Rafael Rocha, Ana Carolina Siravenha, Ana Claudia Gomes, Gerson Serejo, Alexandre Silva, Luciano Rodrigues, Schubert Carvalho, Cleidson de Souza
378 Classification of UXO using Convolutional Networks Trained on a Limited Dataset Anderson Lebbad, Garrett Clayton, C. Nataraj
380 Rank Learning by Ordinal Gerrymandering Stefano Fenu
381 Efficient Deep Learning Model for Text Classification Based on Recurrent and Convolutional Layers Abdalraouf Hassan
128 Towards Malware Detection via CPU Power Consumption: Data Collection Design and Analytics Robert Bridges, Jarilyn Hernandez Jimenez, Jeffrey Nichols, Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova, Stacy Prowell

Special Session: Machine Learning Algorithms Systems and Applications

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
225 Granular Computing with Compatibility Based Intuitionistic Fuzzy Rough Sets Sibasis Bandyopadhyay; Jingtao Yao
304 Technology for Sign Language Recognition Prabhakar Venkata Tamma; Zitha Sasindran; Shivanand Rapolu; Rajasekhar Marrem
335 Direct multiclass boosting using base classifiers' posterior probabilities estimates Mathias Bourel; Badih Ghattas
356 Subject-Dependent SSVEP Identification Using GMM Training and Adaptation Muhamed Farooq; Omid dehzangi
357 A Noise Prediction and Time-Domain Subtraction Approach To Deep Neural Network Based Speech Enhancement Babafemi Odelowo; David Anderson
396 Supervised machine learning based surface inspection by synthetizing artificial defects Matthias Haselmann
397 Adventure Game With A Neural Network Controlled Non-playing Character Michael Weeks
404 A new approach to segment hemorrhagic stroke in computed tomography via Optimum Path Snake Pedro Rebouças Filho; Solon Alves; Aldisio G, Medeiros; Antônio Carlos Silva Barros
406 A Novel Approach for Robot Localization in Topological Maps using Classification with Reject Option from Structural Co-occurrence Matrix in Omnidirectional Images Suan Pires Pinheiro da Silva; Jefferson Silva; Leandro Marinho; Pedro Rebouças Filho
412 Automated Patent Classification Using Word Embedding Mattyws Grawe; Claudia Martins; Andreia Bonfante
413 Anomaly Detection in Multivariate Non-stationary Time Series for Automatic DBMS Diagnosis Doyup Lee
419 RBF-FIRMLP Architecture for Digit Recognition Cristinel Codrescu
421 Incremental Dynamic Search Solver Ali Hmer; Malek Mouhoub
444 Gain Parameter and Dropout Based Fine Tuning of Deep Networks M. Arif Wani; Saduf Afzal
445 HDLTex: Hierarchical Deep Learning for Text Classification Kamran Kowsari; Donald Brown; Mojtaba Heidarysafa; Kiana Jafari Meimandi; Matthew Gerber; Laura Barnes

Special Session: Machine Learning Applications in Education

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
200 Aplication of Decision Trees for Detection of Student Dropout Profiles Ricardo S. Timaran-Pereira; Javer Caicedo-Zambrano
379 Student Retention Pattern Prediction Employing Linguistic Features Extracted from Admission Application Essays Mitsunori Ogihara; Gang Ren
388 Component based Architecture for the Control of Crossing Regions in Railway Networks Farooq Ahmad; Ayesha Sadiq; Martinez-Enriquez A.M.; Muhammad Waqas Anwar; Usama Ijaz Bajwa; Mudasser Naseer; Sher Afzal Khan
390 Classification Of ECG Arrhythmia With Machine Learning Techniques Halil Ibrahim BULBUL; Neşe USTA; Musa YILDIZ
392 Human motion trajectory analysis based video summarization Mudasser Naseer; Ajmal Muhammad; Farooq Ahmad; Asma Saleem
399 A simple neuro-Heuristic computational intelligence algorithm for thin film flow equation arising in physical models Iftikhar Ahmad; Bushra Mukhtar; Kadir Kutlu; Farooq Ahmad

Special Session: Machine Learning Applications in Psychiatric Research

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
416 A Cluster Analysis of Challenging Behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorder Elizabeth Stevens; Abigail Atchison; Laura Stevens; Esther Hong; Doreen Granpeesheh; Dennis Dixon; Erik Linstead
432 Psychiatry in Concussions: Identifying Patient Subgroups and Recommending Personalized Treatments Filip Dabek; Peter Hoover; Jesus Caban
436 Predicting Psychosis Using The Experience Sampling Method Andrea Katrinecz; Daniel Stamate; Wajdi Alghamdi; Daniel Stahl; ESM-MERGE Group; Philippe Delespaul; Jim van Os; Sinan Guloksuz
405 Bayesian Nonparametric Clustering of Patients with Advanced Cancer on Anxiety and Depression Yuelin Li; Barry Rosenfeld; Hayley Pessin; William Breitbart

Special Session: Machine Learning for Predictive Models in Engineering Applications

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
196 Support Vector Regression for Predicting the Enhancement Duration of Software Projects Cuauhtemoc Lopez-Martin; Shadi Banitaan; Andrés García-Floriano; Cornelio Yáñez-Márquez
312 Audio Signal Reconstruction Using Cartesian Genetic Programming Evolved Artificial Neural Network (CGPANN) Nadia Masood Khan; Gul Muhammad Khan
340 Forward Looking Sonar Image Matching using Deep Learning Pedro Otávio Ribeiro; Matheus Santos; Paulo Drews Jr; Silvia Botelho
347 Brace treatment Monitoring Solution for Idiopathic Scoliosis Patients Omar Iftikhar; Omid dehzangi; Bhavani Anantapur Bache; Jeffrey Wensman; Ying Li
382 Exploring the Impact of Clone Refactoring on Test Code Size in Object-Oriented Software Badri Mourad; Badri Linda; Hachemane Oussama; Ouellet Alexandre
389 Evaluating Non-Personalized Single-Heuristic Active Learning Strategies for Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems Georges Chaaya; Jacques Bou Abdo
391 Railway Incident Ranking with Machine Learning Dmitry Yarotsky
394 A Spatio – Temporal Hedonic House Regression Model Timothy Oladunni
395 Predictive Models of Hard Drive Failures based on Operational Data Nicolas Aussel; Samuel Jaulin; Guillaume Gandon; Yohan Petetin; Eriza Fazli; Sophie Chabridon
407 Bayesian networks for inverse inference in manufacturing Avadhut Sardeshmukh; Sreedhar Reddy; B P Gautham; Amol Joshi
437 Foreclosure Sale and House Value: Correlation or Causation? Timothy Oladunni

Special Session: Machine Learning in Big Data and Information Security

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
279 DDoS Attack Modeling and Detection Using SMO Salva Daneshgadeh; Nazife Baykal; Seyda Ertekin
409 NLP Tool for Extracting Cyber Security Related Events in Twitter Seren Guldamlasioglu; Mehmet Saygin Seyfioglu Batuhan Bardak
428 Cybersecurity Automated Information Extraction Techniques: Drawbacks of Current Methods, and Enhanced Extractors Kelly Huffer; Robert Bridges; Michael Iannacone; Corinne Jones; John Goodall
431 Privacy Preserving Record Linkage using MetaSoundex Algorithm Keerthi Koneru; Cihan Varol
438 Machine Learning Methods Used in Evaluations of Secure Biometric System Components Bilgehan Arslan; Mehtap Ülker; Seref SAGIROGLU
439 Automated Behavioral Analysis of Malware A Case Study of WannaCry Ransomware Qian Chen; Robert Bridges
441 Automatic Bitcoin Address Clustering Maxim Panov; Yury Yanovich

Special Session: Machine Learning in Energy Applications

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
443 Forecasting domestic hot water demand in residential house using artificial neural networks Alexandra Delorme-Costil; Jean-Jacques Bezian
440 A Learning Framework for Control-Oriented Modeling of Buildings Javier Rubio-Herrero; Vikas Chandan; Charles Siegel; Abhinav Vishnu; Draguna Vrabie
427 Multistep-ahead Streamflow and Reservoir Level Prediction Using ANNs for Production Planning in Hydroelectric Stations Jorge Hernández-Ambato; Gabriel Asqui-Santillan; Alberto Arellano; Santiago Cunalata
426 Modelling of Fuzzy Logic Controller of a Maximum Power Point Tracker Based on Artificial Neural Network Rabah Benkercha; Samir Moulahoum; Ilhami Colak
272 Efficient prediction of Dynamic tariff in Smart Grid using CGP evolved Artificial Neural Networks Gul Muhammad Khan; Rabia Arshad; Nadia Masood Khan
256 Solar Radiation Prediction Improvement Using Weather Forecasts William Sanders; Chris Barrick; Frederick Maier; Khaled Rasheed
242 Prediction of Power Grid Failure using Neural Network Learning Carmen Haseltine; Eman El-Sheikh

Special Session: Machine Learning in Smart Grid

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
197 A Review of Deep Learning Methods Applied on Load Forecasting Abdulaziz Almalaq; George Edwards
374 Mitigating IoT-based Cyberattacks on the Smart Grid Yasin Yilmaz; Suleyman Uludag
414 A Novel Application of Naïve Bayes Classifier in Photovoltaic Energy Prediction RAMAZAN BAYINDIR; Mehmet Yesilbudak; Medine Colak; Naci Genc

Special Session: Machine Learning on Big Data

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
314 Novel Trends in Scaling Up Machine Learning Algorithms Noel Lopes
422 MapReduce based Classification for Fault Detection in Big Data Applications Omair Shafiq
425 Learning from Big Data: how to Effectively Manipulate Data Loredana Caruccio; Vincenzo Deufemia; Giuseppe Polese
429 An Unsupervised Learning Method for Supporting Advanced Knowledge Discovery from Game Data Carson Leung; Alfredo Cuzzocrea
442 Avdanced ECHMM-Based Machine Learning Tools for Complex Applications Enzo Mumolo; alfredo cuzzocrea; Gianni Vercelli


Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
154 An Exploratory Study of Oral and Dental Health in Canada Andrei Belcin; Areej Ali A Asiri; Herna Viktor
276 A retrieval-based dialogue system utilizing utterance and context embeddings Alexander Bartl; Gerasimos Spanakis
305 Strength Training: A fitness application for indoor based exercise recognition and comfort analysis DIPANKAR DAS; SHIVA MURTHY BUSETTY; VISHAL BHARTI; PRAKHYATH KUMAR HEGDE
349 Recognition of Dynamic Hand Gestures from 3D Motion Data using LSTM and CNN architectures Chinmaya Naguri; Razvan Bunescu
354 A Mask-based Post Processing Approach for Improving The Quality and Intelligibility of Deep Neural Network Enhanced Speech Babafemi Odelowo; David Anderson
410 Feature Extraction and K-means Clustering Approach to explore Important Features of Urban Identity Mei-Chih Chang; Peter Buš; Gerhard Schmitt
417 Applying reinforcement learning and supervised learning techniques to play your turn in Hearthstone Ilya Kachalsky; Ilya Zakirzyanov; Vladimir Ulyantsev
447 Semi-Automated Segmentation of Glioblastomas in Brain MRI Using Machine Learning Techniques Naomi Joseph, Parita Sanghani, Hongliang Ren