Tutorial author: Jayashree Ravi

Tutorial abstract: With data continuously being generated as a result of daily business activities within every organization and with new data sources being introduced due to technology advancements; the growth of data and the potential for data analytics is unprecedented. Traditional relational databases were not the answer to handle Big Data which by definition is not only Big but also a mix of all kinds of data which includes not only structured data but also unstructured. Facebook is collecting well over 500 Terabytes of data daily and businesses everywhere are trying to figure out how to handle the ever-increasing data that’s collected everyday. In this tutorial, you’ll learn What Big Data is? What are the available solutions for handling Big Data? Why NoSQL databases are popular? What is Hadoop? and Why is it a solution for processing Big Data?

Tutorial content:
What is Big Data? Explained with a practical examples
Big Data techniques: Big Data and Intelligence
Big Data and Analytics
What are NoSQL databases? Map Reduce with Hadoop
NetFlix case study