Accepted Papers
Session: Ensemble Methods
Ensemble Statistical and Heuristic Models for Unsupervised Word Alignment
Mahsa Mohaghegh*; Mehdi Mohammadi
Improving Spectral Learning by Using Multiple Representations
Adam Drake*; Dan Ventura
Applying Swarm Ensemble Clustering Technique for Fault Prediction Using Software Metrics
Rodrigo Coelho*, Fabrício Guimarães, Ahmed Esmin
Reducing the Effects of Detrimental Instances
Michael Smith*; Tony Martinez
Concept Drift Awareness in Twitter Streams
Joana Costa*; Catarina Silva; Mário Antunes;Bernardete Ribeiro
Session: Applications in Security
High Precision Screening for Android Malware with Dimensionality Reduction
Britton Wolfe*; Karim Elish; Danfeng (Daphne) Yao
Reducing the Cost of Breaking Audio CAPTCHAs by Active and Semi-Supervised Learning
Malte Darnstädt; Hendrik Meutzner*; Dorothea Kolossa
Q-Learning: From Computer Network Security To Software Security
Solofoarisina Randrianasolo*; Larry Pyeatt
On-line Signature Verification using Symbolic Aggregate Apprximation (SAX) and Sequential Minimal Optimization (SMO)
Rakesh Deivachilai, Tim Oates
Detection of abnormal human behavior using a matrix approximation-based approach
Lijun Wang*; Ming Dong
Session: Information Retrieval I
Modelling Mutual Information Between Voiceprint and Optimal Number of Mel-frequency Cepstral Coefficients in Voice Discrimination
Kin Wah Edward Lin*; Tian Feng; Natalie Agus; Clifford So; Simon Lui
LSH vs Randomized Partition Trees : Which One to Use for Nearest Neighbor Search?
Kaushik Sinha*
Topic Detection in Instant Messages
Han Zhang; Chang-Dong Wang*; Jian-Huang Lai
Automated scoring of the Level of Conceptual/Integrative Complexity from Text using Machine Learning
Aardra Kannan Ambili*; Khaled Rasheed
Session: Information Retrieval II
Extraction of Unexpected Rules from Twitter Hashtags and its Application to Sport Events
Mariam Adedoyin-Olowe*; Mohamed Gaber; Carlos Dancausa; Frederic Stahl
Using Spectral Features to Improve Sentiment Analysis
Adam Drake; Dan Ventura*
Recommendation Systems for Markets with Two Sided Preferences
Anjan Goswami*; Fares Hedayati, Prasant Mohapatra
Session: Neural Networks I
Human action recognition based on recognition of linear patterns in action bank features using convolutional neural networks
Earnest Paul Ijjina*; Krishna Mohan C
A Cyclic Contrastive Divergence Learning Algorithm for High-order RBMs
Dingsheng Luo*; Yi Wang; Xiaoqiang Han; Xihong Wu
Facial expression recognition using kinect depth sensor and convolutional neural networks
Earnest Paul Ijjina*; Krishna Mohan C
Improving Performance on Problems with Few Labelled Data by Reusing Stacked Auto-Encoders
Telmo Amaral*; Chetak Kandaswamy; Luís Silva; Luís Alexandre ; Joaquim Marques de Sá, ; Jorge Santos
An Analysis of Instance Selection for Neural Networks to Improve Training Speed
Xunhu Sun*; Philip Chan
Session: Neural Network II
Human action recognition based on MOCAP information using convolution neural networks
Earnest Paul Ijjina*; Krishna Mohan C
Improving Named Entity Recognition for Morphologically Rich Languages using Word Embeddings
Hakan Demir*; Arzucan Özgür
Multi-variable Neural Network Forecasting Using Two Stage Feature Selection
Rohit Rawat*; Kunal Vora; Michael Manry; Gautam Eapi
Adaptive restructuring of radial basis functions using integrate-and-fire neurons
Jeremy Marvel*
One-shot periodic activity recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks
Earnest Paul Ijjina*; Krishna Mohan C
Session: Semi-Supervised Learning
Semi-Supervised Kernel-Based Temporal Clustering
Rodrigo Araujo*; Mohamed Kamel
Learning to Rank with Only Positive Examples
Mingzhu Zhu*; Wei Xiong; Yifang Wu
Geometric PDEs on weighted graphs for semi-supervised classification
Matthieu Toutain*; Abderrahim Elmoataz; Olivier Lezoray
Post-Processing Association Rules using Networks and Transductive Learning
Renan Padua*; Veronica Carvalho; Solange Rezende
Variational Inference on Infinite Mixtures of Inverse Gaussian, Multinomial Probit and Exponential Regression
Minhazul Islam Sk*; Arunava Banerjee
Session: Real-time Systems and Industry
A Hybrid Genetic-Programming Swarm-Optimisation Approach for Examining the Nature and Stability of High Frequency Trading Strategies
Andreea-Ingrid Funie*; Mark Salmon; Wayne Luk
Sequential Logistic Principal Component Analysis (SLPCA): Dimensional Reduction in Streaming Multivariate Binary-State System
Zhaoyi Kang*; Costas Spanos
Using k-Nearest Neighbor and Speaker Ranking for Phoneme Prediction
Muhammad Rizwan`*; David Anderson
A Machine Learning Approach to Combining Individual Strength and Team Features for Team Recommendation
Haibin Liu*; Mu Qiao; Daniel Greenia; Rama Akkiraju; Stephen Dill; Taiga Nakamura; Yang Song; Hamid Motahari Nezha
Genetically Supervised Self-Organizing Map for the Classification of Glass Samples
Richard deGroof; Iren Valova*
Session: Machine Learning I
Bayesian Nonparametric Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Switched Markov Decision Processes
Amit Surana*; Kunal Srivastava
State Abstraction in Reinforcement Learning by Eliminating Useless Dimensions
Zhao Cheng*; Laura Ray
A knowledge growth and consolidation framework for lifelong machine learning systems
Fernando Martinez Plumed*; José Hernández-Orallo; Maria Jose Ramírez-Quintana; Cèsar Ferri
LaCova: A Tree-Based Multi-Label Classifier using Label Covariance as Splitting Criterion
Reem Al-Otaibi*; Meelis Kull; Peter Flach
Combining Exact And Metaheuristic Techniques For Learning Extended Finite-State Machines From Test Scenarios and Temporal Properties
Daniil Chivilikhin*; Vladimir Ulyantsev; Anatoly Shalyto
Session: Machine Learning II
A Switch-and-Restart Algorithm with Exponential Restart Strategy for Objective Selection and its Runtime Analysis
Maxim Buzdalov*
Adding Diversity to Rank Examples in Anytime Nearest Neighbor Classification
Cristiano Lemes*; Diego Silva; Gustavo Batista
Improved kNN Rule for Small Training Sets
Sunsern Cheamanunkul*; Yoav Freund
Computation of a Rejection Threshold used for the Bayes Classifier
Matthias Blankenburg*; Christian Bloch; Jörg Krüger
Session: Science and Industry
Improving Robustness of Gaussian Process-based Inferential Control System using Kernel Principle Component Analysis
Ali Abusnina*; Daniel Kudenko; Rolf Roth
Arctic Sea Ice Extent Forecasting Using Support Vector Regression
Tyler Reid*; Paul Tarantino
WiFi Localization For Mobile Robots based on Random Forests and GPLVM
Reda Elbasiony*
Example-Dependent Cost-Sensitive Logistic Regression for Credit Scoring
Alejandro Correa Bahnsen*; Djamila Aouada; Björn Ottersten
Special Session : Machine Learning for Predictive Models I
Using Balanced Random Forests on Load Spectrum Data for Classifying Component Failures of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Fleet
Philipp Bergmeir, Christof Nitsche, Jürgen Nonnast, Michael Bargende, Peter Antony, Uwe Keller
Multimodal Sparsity-Eager Support Vector Machines for Music Classification
Kamelia Aryafar, Ali Shokoufandeh
A Better Case Adaptation Method for Case-Based Effort Estimation Using Multi-Objective Optimization
Mohammad Azzeh, Ali Bou Nassif, Shadi Banitaan
Employing Markov Networks on Curriculum Graphs to Predict Student Performance
Ahmad Slim, Gregory Heileman, Jarred Kozlick, Chaouki Abdallah
Special Session : Machine Learning for Predictive Models II
Leveraging Machine Learning Algorithms to Perform Online and Offline Highway Traffic Flow Prediction
Arezou Moussavi-Khalkhali, Mo Jamshidi
OUPS: A Combined Approach Using SMOTE and Propensity Score Matchingtching
William A. Rivera, Amit Goel, and J. Peter Kincaid
A Comparison of Supervised Machine Learning Techniques for Predicting Short-Term In-Hospital Length of Stay Among Diabetic Patients
April Morton, Eman Marzban, Georgios Giannoulis, Ayush Patel, Raj Aparasu, Ioannis Kakadiaris
Comparative Study of Different Classification Tech-niques: Heart Disease Use Case
Hanen Bouali, Jalel Akaichi
Special Session: Machine Learning Applications in Education I
A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Partitioning Clustering : A case study on M.Sc. applicants
Kittichai Lavangnananda, Ratipong Poolphol
American Sign Language Recognition Using Leap Motion Sensor
Ching-Hua Chuan, Eric Regina, caroline Guardino
Learner Engagement Measurement and Classification in 1:1 Learning
Sinem Aslan, Zehra Cataltepe, Itay Diner, Onur Dundar, Asli Esme, Ron Ferens, Gila Kamhi, Ece Oktay, Canan Soysal, Murat Yener
An Intelligent Tutoring System for Argument-Making in Higher Education: A Pilot Study
Ching-Hua Chuan, Daniel Dinsmore , Joseph Schmuller, Tyler Morris
Special Session: Machine Learning Applications in Education II
Automatically filtering irrelevant words for applications in language acquisition
Gihad Sohsah, Emrah Akkurt, Ilkin Safarli, Muhammed Unal, Onur Guzey
A Clustering-based Grouping Model for Enhanceing Collaborative Learning
Yulei Pang, feiya xiao, Xiaozhen Xue
Improving an Early Warning System to Prediction of Student Examination Achievement
Halil Ibrahim Bulbul, Hanife Goker
Investigating sentimental relation between social media presence and academic success of Turkish Universities
Sedef Gunduz, Fatih Demirhan, Seref Sagiroglu
Special Session: Machine Learning in Information and System Security Issues
Next Generation Application-Layer DDoS Defences: Applying the Concepts of Outlier Detection in Data Streams with Concept Drift
Dusan Stevanovic, Natalija Vlajic
TSD: Detecting Sybil Accounts in Twitter
Mansour Alsaleh, Abdulrahman Alarifi, AbdulMalik Al-Salman, Mohammed Alfayez, Abdulmajeed Almohaisen
An Intelligent Technique for Detecting Malicious Users on Mobile Stores
Ramazan Terzi, Semra Cakir, Mazlum Derse, Duygu Sinanc, Gizem Yavanoglu, Seref Sagiroglu
Age Estimation from Fingerprints: Examination of the Population in Turkey
Eyup Burak Ceyhan, Sinan Tatoglu, Ercan Atagun, Seref Sagiroglu
Special Session: Machine Learning in Energy Applications
Diagnosis using incomplete model in fuzzy discrete event system: Application to crisis management
Moussa Traore, Eric Chatelet, Eddie Soulier, Hossam Gaber
Incremental SVD for Insight into Wind Generation
Chandrika Kamath, Ya Ju Fan
Transient Characteristics of DC-DC Converter with PID Parameters Selection and Neural Network Control
Daiki Mitsutake, Hidenori Maruta, Fujio Kurokawa
Intelligent Crude Oil Price Forecaster
Ardalan Tebyanian, Fares Hedayati
Workshop: Machine Learning Algorithms, Systems and Applications
Improved Selection of Auxiliary Objectives using Reinforcement Learning in Non-Stationary Environment
Arina Buzdalova, Arina Buzdalova, Maxim Buzdalov
A New Algorithm for Adaptive Online Selection of Auxiliary Objectives
Arina Buzdalova, Maxim Buzdalov
Iterative Hard Thresholding for Keyword Extraction from Large Text Corpora
Steven Yadlowsky, Preetum Nakkiran, Jingyan Wang, Rishi Sharma, Laurent El Ghaoui
A Novel Bayesian Network Based Scheme for Finding the Optimal Solution to Stochastic Online Equi-partitioning Problems
Sondre Glimsdal and Ole-Christoffer Granmo
Automatic Gender Classification System from Finger 2D: 4D Ratio and Comparison of Successes with Using Different Algorithm
Eyüp Burak Ceyhan, Seref Sagiroglu, Ramazan Cesur, and Kadriye Öner
Special Session: Adaptive Data-Driven Modeling in Dynamic Environments and On-line Processes
Dynamic Inclusion of New Event Types in Visual Inspection using Evolving Classifiers
Edwin Lughofer, Eva Weigl, Wolfgang Heidl, Thomas Radauer
Speeding Learning of Personalized Audio Equalization
Bongjun Kim, Bryan Pardo
A Semi-Supervised Clustering Approach for Semantic Slot Labelling
Heriberto Cuayahuitl, Nina Dethlefs, Helen Hastie
Special Session: Machine Learning in Visual Information Processing
Multimodal Music and Lyrics Fusion Classifier for Artist Identification
Kamelia Aryafar, Ali Shokoufandeh
Machine-Sourced Segmentations vs. Expert-Sourced Segmentations for the Classification of Lung Nodules with Outlier Removal
Mayra Molina-Puentes, Jacob Furst, Daniela Raicu
Tool Machines with Brains - Touchless Wheel Alignment with Neural Networks
Karl-Heinz Weis
Performance Comparison of Major Classical Face Recognition Techniques
Farooq Bhat, Mohd Wani
Assessment of Different Image Clutter Metrics using Multivariate Analyses and Neurofuzzy System
Deok Nam, Harpreet Singh
Session: Feature Extraction and Selection
Activity Recognition Using Graphical Features
Syeda Akter*; Lawrence Holder
An Accurate, Fast Embedded Feature Selection for SVMs
Tarfa Hamed*; Rozita Dara; Stefan Kremer
Learning Good Features To Track
Raed Almomani*; Ming Dong
Feature Selections for Effectively Localizing Faulty Events in GUI Applications
Xiaozhen Xue; Yulei Pang; Akbar Siami-Namin*
Dimensionality Reduction in Statistical Learning
Alexander Bernstein*; Alexander Ruleshov
Workshop: Machine learning of graphical models in static and dynamic complex environments
Causal Discovery from Spatio-Temporal Data with Applications to Climate Science
Imme Ebert-Uphoff, Yi Deng
Graphical Model Based Approach for Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbines
Adel Oraini, Moamar Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh
A directed acyclic graphical approach and ensemble feature selection for a better drug-design using partial knowledge from KEGG signalling pathways
Adel Oraini
Session: Medicine and Bioinformatics
Varying Coefficient Models for Analyzing the Effects of Risk Factors on Pregnant Women's Blood Pressure
Wenshuai Cheng*; Liying Fang; Lin Yang; Han Zhao; Pu Wang; Jianzhuo Yan
Learning Score Systems for Patient Mortality Prediction in Intensive Care Units via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Aadirupa Saha*; Chandrahas Dewangan; Harikrishna Narasimhan; Sriram Sampath; Shivani Agarwal
Implementation of machine learning for classifying hemiplegic gait disparity through use of a force plate
Robert LeMoyne*; Wesley Kerr; Timothy Mastroianni ; Anthony Hessel
ExpertBayes: Automatically refining manually built Bayesian networks
Ezilda Almeida; Pedro Ferreira; Tiago Vinhoza; Inês Dutra*; Yirong Wu; Elizabeth Burnside
Time Warping Symbolic Aggregation Approximation with Bag-of-Patterns Representation for Time Series Classification
Zhiguang Wang*; Tim Oates
Session: Medicine, Science and Music
Protein Conformation Motion Modeling using sep-CMA-ES
Maxim Buzdalov*; Sergey Knyazev; Yury Porozov
Budgeted Learning for Developing Personalized Treatment
Kun Deng*
Visualising Singing Style Under Common Musical Events Using Pitch-Dynamics Trajectories and Modified TRACLUS Clustering
Imad Rida*; Gilles Gasso ; Romain Herault
Supervised Music Chord Recognition
Imad Rida*; Gilles Gasso ; Romain Herault
Uncertainty Quantified Matrix Completion using Bayesian Hierarchical Matrix Factorization
Farideh Fazayeli*; arindam Banerjee; Jens Kattge ; Franziska Schrodt ; Peter Reich