Special Session


Machine Learning and Statistics in Genomics and Metagenomics 

The Tenth International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA 2011)
December 18-21, 2011 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Motivation and Themes:

Next generation sequencing (NGS) is a highly parallelized approach for quickly and economically sequencing new genomes, re-sequencing large numbers of known genomes, or for rapidly investigating transcriptomes under different conditions. It produces genomic and metagenomic data on an unprecedented scale.  These techniques are now driving the generation of knowledge (especially in biomedicine and molecular life sciences) to new dimensions. The massive data volumes being generated by these new technologies require new data storage, visualization, and analysis methods.  We see a pressing need for and benefits in the interdisciplinary exchange and discussion of ideas. We anticipate that this workshop will shed light on research directions and provide the stimulus for creative breakthroughs.  The objectives of this workshop are intended to bring together researchers from different disciplines and address the issues of applying machine learning and statistics to genomics and metagenomics.


Original research papers in the theory  of statistics and machine learning with emphasis of applications in genomics and metagenomics  are solicited.  Specific topics include but not limited to:

·         Data storage and database management  for next generation sequencing data

·         Data integration and visualization with genomics and metagenomics data

·         Methods for clustering and biclustering of genomics and metagenomics data

·         Classification and feature selection with genomics and metagenomics data

·         Biological networks and system biology with multisource genomics and metagenomics data

·         Causal inference and  intervention predictions  in clinical setting with NGS


The special session will be held as a part of the ICMLA’11 conference. The authors would submit papers electronically through the main conference submission website http://www.icmla-conference.org/icmla11. Papers must correspond to the requirements detailed in the instructions to authors. Accepted papers must be presented by one of the authors in order to be published in the conference proceedings.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to direct them to
: zliu@som.umaryland.edu

Special Session Organizer

Zhenqiu Liu, University of Maryland at Baltimore, USA  (zliu@som.umaryland.edu)