Special Session
Machine Learning with Multimedia Data





The web, as well as TV and radio archives and other sources, give access to a growing amount of data in a large variety of formats and media modalities, often containing useful information.
However, much of this information is not easily accessible and usable, be it for users or for automatic systems that could make use of it.

While information extraction from written text has seen great advances and is used by search engines, news aggregators, opinion monitoring systems, mail filters, and many more, access to information in other modalities (audio, images, video, ...) is still a very difficult problem. Machine learning is used with varying success for diverse tasks dealing with multimedia data, but many problems remain, ranging from finding good machine readable representations of the data, extracting higher level (semantic) features to the development of machine learning algorithms capable of dealing with high-dimension spatio-temporal data. An important aspect is also the integration of information obtained from various modalities, and the possibility for cross-modal access to information (e.g. textual querying of video recordings).

One important aim of this session is to bring together researchers working on different types of data, be it music, video, speech, images, and more.  These tasks have much in common, and we hope to promote communication between researchers from these different fields.


This session would solicit original research papers including but not limited to the following:



Paper Submission Deadline:                            July 15, 2010

Notification of acceptance:                              September 7, 2010

Camera-ready papers & Pre-registration:           October 1, 2010

The ICMLA Conference:                                  December 12-14, 2010


This special session will be held as part of the ICMLA’10 conference. Authors should submit papers through the main conference submission website. Papers must correspond to the requirements detailed in the instructions to authors. All conference submissions will be handled electronically. Detailed instructions for submitting the papers are provided on the conference home page at:



Accepted papers must be presented by one of the authors to be published in the conference proceeding. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to direct your questions to Jens Grivolla <jens.grivolla@barcelonamedia.org> or any of the other session organizers.

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