ICMLA 2009 Conference Program

Miami Beach Resort and Spa, Miami Beach, Florida, 33140, USA

13-15 Dec. 2009



Dec. 12 (5:00 pm – 8:00 pm),  Dec. 13-15 (8:00 am – 5:00 pm)




Dec. 13 Sunday


Opening Remarks


Invited Talk 1

Dr. Stephen Muggleton, Imperial College, UK

“Machine Learning Biological Network Models”



Regular paper sessions (20 minutes each)


Session 1: Machine Learning in  Image Processing

Session Chair: Xiuwen Liu

302- Johannes Hartz “Learning Probabilistic Structure Graphs for Classification and Detection of Object Structures”

290- Yiming Wu, Xiuwen Liu, and Washington Mio “Linear Representation Learning Using Sphere Factor Analysis”

170- Sharif Bhuiyan, Jesmin Khan, Nii Attoh-Okine and Reza Adhami “Study of Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition Method for Various Radial Basis Function Surface Interpolators”

242- Jukka Perkiö, Tinne Tuytelaars and Wray Buntine “Exploring Scale-Induced Feature Hierarchies in Natural Images”


Session 2: Statistical learning I

Session Chair: Peter McCullagh

264- Bert Huang and Tony Jebara “Exact Graph Structure Estimation with Degree Priors”

312- Lipi Acharya and Dongxiao Zhu “Estimating an Optimal Correlation Structure from Replicated Molecular Profiling Data using Finite Mixture Models”

324- Nacim Chikhi, Bernard Rothenburger and Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles “Community Structure Identification: A Probabilistic Approach”

240- Vladimir Vovk “Conditional prediction intervals for linear regression”


Coffee Break


Regular paper sessions (20 minutes each)


Session 1: Machine Learning in  Multimedia

Session Chair: Leif Peterson

193- Yangfeng Ji, Tong Lin, and Hongbin Zha “Mahalanobis Distance Based Non-negative Sparse Representation for Face Recognition”

284- Omar Arif and Patricio Vela “Robust Target Localization and Segmentation using Graph Cut, KPCA and Mean-shift”

254- Jonathan Purnell and Malik Magdon-Ismail “Learning American English Accents Using Ensemble Learning with GMMs”

203- Balaji Lakshminarayanan, Raviv Raich and Xiaoli Fern “A Syllable-Level Probabilistic Framework for Bird Species Identification”


Session 2: Supervised learning I

Session Chair: Philippe Preux

174- Sriraam Natarajan, Prasad Tadepalli, Gautam Kunapuli and Jude Shavlik “Learning Parameters for Relational Probabilistic Models with Noisy-Or Combining Rule”

236- Jeroen Janssens, Ildiko Flesch and Eric Postma “Outlier Detection with One-Class Classifiers from ML and KDD”

252- Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi, Bert Huang and Waltz Waltz “Discovering Characterization Rules from Rankings”

216- Manuel Loth, Philippe Preux, Samuel Delepoulle and Christophe Renaud “ECON: a Kernel Basis Pursuit Algorithm with Automatic Feature Parameter Tuning, and its Application to Photometric Solids Approximation”


Lunch Break



Dr. Rezarta Islamaj & Dr. Lana Yeganova, NIH

"Machine Learning Approaches for Biomedical Text Retrieval in PubMed”



Regular paper sessions (20 minutes each)


Session 1:  Features Extraction, Selection and Neural Networks

Session Chair: Hichem Frigui

259- Mani Malek Esmaeili, Mehrdad Fatourechi and Rabab Ward “Video Copy Detection Using Temporally Informative Representative Images”

311- Aleksey Fadeev, Oualid Missaoui and Hichem Frigui “Dominant Audio Descriptors For Audio Classification and Retrieval”

276- Clement Chatelain, Romain Herault, and Benjamin Labbe “Learning Deep Neural Networks for High Dimensional Output Problems”

Session 2: Supervised learning II


Session Chair: Luca Cazzanti

195- Aydin Ulas and Olcay Yildiz “An Incremental Model Selection Algorithm Based on Cross-Validation for Finding the Architecture of a Hidden Markov Model on Hand Gesture Data Sets”

196- Oualid Missaoui, Hichem Frigui and Paul Gader “Discriminative Multi-Stream Discrete Hidden Markov Models”

166- Luca Cazzanti and Maya Gupta “Regularizing the Local Similarity Discriminant Analysis Classifier”


Coffee Break


Regular paper sessions (20 minutes each)


Session 1: Evolutionary algorithms and genetic programming

Session Chair: Ryouei Takahashi

159- Ryouei Takahashi “A Hybrid Method of Genetic Algorithms and Ant Colony Optimization to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem”

160- Pietari Pulkkinen “A Multiobjective Genetic Fuzzy System for Obtaining Compact and Accurate Fuzzy Classifiers with Transparent Fuzzy Partitions”

210- Onay Urfalioglu and Orhan Arikan “Randomized and Rank based Differential Evolution”

215- Fatemeh Vafaee and Peter Nelson “A Genetic Algorithm That Incorporates an Adaptive Mutation Based On an Evolutionary Model”



Session 2: Supervised learning III


Session Chair: Ingo Glöckner

176- Lijun Zhang, Hichem Frigui and Paul Gader “Context-Dependent Fusion of Multiple Algorithms with Minimum Classification Error Learning”

248- Thashmee Karunaratne and Henrik  Bostrom “Graph Propositionalization for Random Forests”

266- Sandeep Namilikonda and Nihar Mahapatra “An Instance-Based Learning Approach for Available-Memory Non-Minimal Cost-Bounded Search”

209- Ingo Glöckner “Finding Answer Passages with Rank Optimizing Decision Trees”


Poster Session I:

        All Accepted Regular Papers with odd ID numbers


         The following Accepted Short Papers:

175- Stephan Clemencon, Marine Depecker and Nicolas Vayatis “Bagging Ranking Trees”

177- Eren Esgin and Pinar Senkul “A Hybrid Approach to Process Mining: Finding Immediate Successors of a Process by Using From-To Chart”

183- Ilhami Colak, Ramazan Bayindir, Hamdi Tolga Kahraman and Mehmet Yesilbudak “Design of an Intelligent Decision Making System for a Travelling Wave Ultrasonic Motor”

185- Jiri Isa, Zuzana Reitermanova and Ondrej Sykora “On the Complexity of General Solution DAGs”

189- Yuheng He “Learning Geographic Regions using Location Based Services in Next Generation Networks”

197- Feras Al-Obeidat, Nabil Belacel, Prabhat  Mahanti and Juan Carretero “Discretization Techniques and Genetic Algorithm for Learning the Classification Method PROAFTN”

237- Nistor Grozavu and Younès Bennani “A new competitive strategy for Self Organizing Map Learning”

243- Amany Abdelhalim and Issa Traore “A New Method for Learning Decision Trees from Rules”

245- William Lyles, Winard Britt and David Bevly “Evolution of Parameters for an Autonomous Canine Control Algorithm”

257- Yan Tang, Kunwu Feng, Kendra Cooper and João Cangussu “Requirement Engineering Techniques Selection and Modeling – An Expert System Based Approach”

307- Jeffrey Ellen and Kevin Dela Rosa “Text classification methodologies applied to micro-text in military chat”

275- Yilmaz Yoru, Arif Hepbasli, Tahir Karakoc,        "Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method to exergy analysis of thermodynamic systems"

297- Axinia Radeva, Cynthia Rudin, Rebecca Passonneau, Delfina Isaac, "Report Cards for Manholes: Eliciting Expert Feedback for a Learning Task"

305- Bert Huang, Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi, Philip Gross, "Alive on Back-feed Culprit Identification via Machine Learning"

225- Meir Perez, David Rubin, Tshilidzi Marwala, Lesley Scott, Wendy Stevens, Jonathan Featherston, "A Population-Based Incremental Learning Approach to Microarray Gene Expression Feature Selection"

327- Guy Lima, Jr., Stephen Krawetz, Gautam Singh, "Identifying Core DNA Patterns that Potentiate Regions of Locus Control"







Dec. 14 Monday




Invited Talk

Dr. Robert Schapire, Princeton University, USA

“Theory and applications of a repeated game playing algorithm”



Regular paper sessions (20 minutes each)


Session 1: Feature selection and Clustering

Session Chair: M. Arif Wani

238- Bing Yin and Greg Hamerly “Hierarchical Stability-Based Model Selection For Clustering Algorithms”

250- Sambu Seo, Johannes Mohr and Klaus Obermayer “A New Incremental Pairwise Clustering Algorithm”

301- Darío García-García, Emilio Parrado-Hernández and Fernando Diaz-de-Maria “Sequence Segmentation via Clustering of Subsequences”

287- Taghi Khoshgoftaar and Kehan Gao “Feature Selection with Imbalanced Data for Software Defect Prediction”

294- Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Wilker Altidor and Amri Napolitano “Wrapper-based Feature Ranking for Software Engineering Metrics”

161- Sherif Abdelazeem “A Novel Domain-Specific Feature Extraction Scheme For Arabic Handwritten Digits Recognition

Session 2: Reinforcement learning

Session Chair: Masoumeh Izadi

156- Tim Kietzmann and Martin Riedmiller “The Neuro Slot Car Racer: Reinforcement Learning in a Real World Setting”

315- Masoumeh Izadi, Stephane Ross and Mark Mercer “Sensitivity Analysis of POMDP Value Functions”

219- Mark Kroon and Shimon Whiteson “Automatic Feature Selection for Model-Based Reinforcement Learning in Factored MDPs”

181- Alejandro Agostini and Enric Celaya “Exploiting Domain Symmetries in Reinforcement Learning with Continuous State and Action Spaces”

241- Marek Grzes and Daniel Kudenko “Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Reward Shaping in Reinforcement Learning”

263- Scott Proper and Prasad Tadepalli “Multiagent Transfer Learning via Assignment-based Decomposition”


Coffee Break


Lunch Break


Session 1: Text mining

Session Chair: Greg Hamerly

253- Jian Zhang and Shobhit Shakya “Knowledge Transfer for Feature Generation in Document Classification”

233- Cristina Giannone, Danilo Croce and Roberto Basili “Semantic Word Spaces for Robust Role Labeling”

214- Keita Imada and Katsuhiko Nakamura “Learning Context Free Grammars by Using SAT Solvers”

223- Chris Ding, Tao Li and Dingding Wang “Label Propagation on K-partite Graphs"

Session 2: Applications I
Session Chair: Sangoh Jeong

164- Sangoh Jeong, Swaroop  Kalasapur, Doreen Cheng, Henry Song and Hyuk Cho “Clustering and Naive Bayesian approaches for situation-aware recommendation on mobile devices”

260- Philip Gross, Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi, Haimonti Dutta and Albert Boulanger “Ranking Electrical Feeders of the New York Power Grid”

207- Sildomar Monteiro, Fabio Ramos and Peter Hatherly “Conditional Random Fields for Rock Characterization using Drill Measurements”

239- Guénaël Cabanes, Younès Bennani and Frédéric Dufau-Joël “Mining Customers' Spatio-temporal Behavior Data using Topographic Unsupervised Learning”

229- Haoming Xu “Estimating the Odometry Error of a Mobile Robot by Neural Networks”



Invited Talk

Dr. Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania, USA

“Censored Exploration in Dark Pools”



Coffee Break


Regular paper sessions (20 minutes each)


Session 1: Support vector machines

Session Chair: Ilya Muchnik

199- Pannagadatta Shivaswamy and Tony Jebara “Structured Prediction with Relative Margin”

200- Alexey Nefedov, Ye Jiankuan, Casimir Kulikowski and Ilya Muchnik “Comparative Analysis of Support Vector Machines Based on Linear and Quadratic Optimization Criteria”

244- Khaled Boukharouba “Incremental and Decremental Multi-category Classification by Support Vector Machines”

269- Andrew Howard and Tony Jebara “Transformation Learning Via Kernel Alignment”


Session 2: Applications II
Session Chair: Aikaterini Mitrokotsa

218- Combaz Adrien “Feature Extraction and Classification of EEG Signals for Rapid P300 Mind Spelling”

221- Kristof Van Laerhoven and Eugen Berlin “Enabling Efficient Time Series Analysis for Wearable Activity Data”

317- Guopeng Zhao, Zhiqi Shen, Chunyan Miao and Chunru Wan “ELM-based Intelligent Resource Selection for Grid Scheduling”

217- Yasin Yilmaz and Suleyman Kozat “An extended version of the NLMF algorithm based on proportionate Krylov Subspace projections”

192- Christos Dimitrakakis and Aikaterini Mitrokotsa “Statistical Decision Making for Authentication and Intrusion Detection”

172- Pretesh Patel and Tshilidzi Marwala “Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Inference System, Support Vector Machines for Call performance classification”


Poster Session II:

        All Accepted Regular Papers with even ID numbers


         The following Accepted Short Papers:

182- Wei Fan and Toyohide Watanabe “Mining Interesting Ratio Patterns over a Stream Sliding Window”

184- Iyad Batal and Milos Hauskrecht “A Supervised Time Series Feature Extraction Technique using DCT and DWT”

190- Gursel Serpen and Santhosh Pathical “Classification in High-Dimensional Feature Spaces: Random Subsample Ensembles”

198- Ricardo Sousa, Beatriz Mora and Jaime Cardoso “An Ordinal Data Method for the Classification with Reject Option”

206- Tanzer Satir, Yalçın  Durmuşoglu, Cengiz Deniz and Alper Kilic “A Novel Energy Saving and Power Production System”

208- Sirvan Khalighi “A Novel OCR System for Calculating Handwritten Persian Arithmetic Expressions”

220- Philippe Lenca, Yannick Le Bras, Sorin Moga and Stéphane Lallich “On the generalization of the all-confidence property”

226- Emna Bahri and Stéphane Lallich “Improving prediction by weighting class association rules”

234- Sampath Deegalla and Henrik  Bostrom “Improving Fusion of Dimensionality Reduction Methods for Nearest Neighbor Classification”

246- Po-Hsiang  Chiu and Manfred Huber ”Clustering Similar Actions in Sequential Decision Processes”

262- Vipul  Agrawal, Chiranjib Bhattacharyya, Niranjan Thirumale and Sai Susarla “Discovering Rules from Disk Events for Predicting Hard Drive Failures”

288- César Souza, Ednaldo Pizzolato, Renata Mendes, Audrey Borgui-Silva, Maurício Machado, Paulo Correa,“Artificial Neural Networks Prognostic Evaluation of  Post-Surgery Complications in Patients Underwent To Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery”

298- Ramazan Bayindir, Ilhami Colak, Ersan Kabalci and Erdal Irmak “The Fuzzy Logic Control of a Multilevel Converter in a Variable Speed Wind Turbine”

300- Fawad Jamshed and Christian Huyck “Grounding Symbols: Labelling and Resolving Pronoun Resolution with fLIF Neurons”

320- Arunkumar Balakrishnan “Development of an ontology of learning strategies and its application to generate open learner models”

334- Vida Abedi, Mohammed Yeasin, "Understanding and eliminating systemic bias in knowledge discovery from biological literature using latent semantic analysis model"

173- R. Mahesh Sinha “Learning Disambiguation of Hindi Morpheme 'vaalaa' with a Sparse Corpus”












Special Sessions papers

Dec. 15, Tuesday



Special Session: Machine Learning Methods for Modeling Treatment Outcomes in Cancer and Radiation Therapy  I

 Session Chair: Issam El Naqa, Steve Jiang

268- Florian Buettner, Sarah Gulliford, Steve Webb, Mike Partridge,"Using Bayesian logistic regression with high-order interactions to model radiation-induced toxicities following radiotherapy"

285- Hao Zhang, Warren D'Souza, Leyuan Shi, Robert Meyer,"Machine Learning for Modeling Dose-Related Organ-at-Risk Complications after Radiation Therapy"

286- Warren D'Souza, Kathleen Malinowski, Hao Zhang,"Machine Learning for Intra-Fraction Tumor Motion Modeling with Respiratory Surrogates"

291- Ruijiang Li, John Lewis, Steve Jiang, "Markerless Fluoroscopic Gating for Lung Cancer Radiotherapy using Generalized Linear Discriminant Analysis"

293- Xun Jia, Yifei Lou, Ruijiang Li, Xuejun Gu, John Lewis, Steve Jiang, "A dynamic CT image reconstruction method by inducing prior information from PCA analysis"

 Special Session: Machine Learning Applications in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology I
 Session Chair:
Sorin Draghici

 261- Yi Zhang, Erliang Zeng, Tao Li, "Weighted Consensus Clustering for Identifying Functional Modules In Protein-Protein Interaction Network"

309- Rukshan Manohara, Vasile Palade, "AGm: A new performance measure for class imbalance learning. Application to Bioinformatics problems"

335- Raúl Santos-Rodríguez, Darío García-García, Jesús Cid-Sueiro, "Cost-sensitive classification based on Bregman divergences for medical diagnosis"

337- Helyane Bronoski Borges, Julio Cesar Nievola, "Dimensionality Reduction in Gene Expression Database through the Random Projection Method"

329- Stephan Simmuteit, Frank-Michael Schleif, Thomas Villmann, Thomas Elssner, "Tanimoto metric in Tree-SOM for improved representation of mass spectrometry data with an underlying taxonomic structure"


Coffee Break


Special Sessions papers



Special Session: Machine Learning Methods for Modeling Treatment Outcomes in Cancer and Radiation Therap II 

Session Chair: Issam El Naqa, Steve Jiang

318- Jung Hun Oh, Issam El Naqa, Rawan Al-Lozi,"Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction of Radiation Pneumonitis in Lung Cancer Patients"

319- Jung Hun Oh, Issam El Naqa, "Bayesian network learning for detecting reliable interactions of dose-volume related parameters in radiation pneumonitis"

323- Joerg Rottmann, Ross Berbeco, Michalis Aristophanous, Sang-June Park,"Multi-region tracking for lung tumor motion assessment"

331- Andre Dekker, Kartik Komati, Glenn Fung, Shipeng Yu, Cary Dehing-Oberije, Dirk De Ruysscher, Yolande Lievens, Andrew Hope, Wilfried DeNeve, Philippe Lambin, "Survival Prediction in Lung Cancer Treated with Radiotherapy - Bayesian Networks vs. Support Vector Machines in Handling Missing Data"

336- Todd Schiller, Yixin Chen, Issam El Naqa, Joseph Deasy,"Improving Clinical Relevance in Ensemble Support Vector Machine Models of Radiation Pneumonitis Risk"

341- Weerayuth Chanapai, "Adaptive Thresholding based on SOM Technique for Semi-Automatic NPC Image Segmentation”

352- Leif Peterson, “Maximum  

         Likelihood Logistic Regression Using


Special Session: Machine Learning With Multimedia Data
Session Chair:
Jens Grivolla

277-  Roberto Paredes, Adrian Ulges, Thomas Breuel Fast, "Discriminative Linear Models for Scalable Video Tagging"

326-  Maria-cristina Marinescu, Rafael Ramirez

A timing-based classification method for human voice in opera recordings"

332- Daniel Gärtner, Christian Dittmar

Vocal, "Characteristics classification of audio segments: An investigation of the influence of accompaniment music on low-level features"

338-  Adrian Weller, Daniel Ellis, Tony Jebara, " Structured Prediction Models for Chord Transcription of Music Audio"

340-  Chengcui Zhang, Liping Zhou, Wen Wan, Wei-Bang Chen, Jeffrey Birch, "

An Image Clustering and Retrieval Framework Using Feedback-based Integrated Region Matching"


Ching-Wei Chen, Kyogu Lee, Ho-Hsiang Wu, "Towards a Class-Based Representation of Perceptual Tempo for Music Retrieval"


Lunch Break


Special Sessions papers



ICMLA Challenge:

Machine Learning in Functional Clustering 

Session Chair: Aik-Choon Tan

343- Dario Garcia-Garcia, Raul Santos-Rodriguez, "Spectral Clustering and Feature Selection for Microarray Data"

346- Meir Perez, Jonathan Featherston, Tshilidzi Marwala, Lesley E Scott, Wendy Stevens, David M Rubin, "Differentially expressed gene identification based on separability index"

347- Ilia Nouretdinov, Brian Burford, Alex Gammerman, "Application of Induction Confidence Machine to ICMLA-competition data"

349- Aleksey Fadeev, Oualid Missaoui, Hichem Frigui, "Ensemble Possibilistic K-NN for functional clustering of gene expression profiles in human cancers challenge"

350- Rami N. Mahdi, Eric C. Rouchka, "Feature Selection in Cancer Classification from mRNA Data Based on Localized Dimension Reduction"

Special Session:  Machine Learning in Energy Applications I
Session Chair:
Ilhami Colak

321-Ilhami Colak, Gungor Bal, Mehmet Demirtas, Hamdi Tolga Kahraman, “A Parameter Determination System for Wind Turbines Based On Naive Bayes Classification Algorithm”

167-Hasan Önder, “An Expert System to Estimate the Capacity of Harvesting Energy from Biogas and Its Capacity in TRNC”

299- Bakhyt Matkarimov, “Using Genetic Algorithm for Finding Switching Angles of a Single-phase Multilevel DC/AC Converter on Solar Modules”

322- Seref Sagiroglo,Hamdi Tolga Kahraman, Ramazan Bayindir,  Orhan Kaplan, “Development of an Intelligent Decision Support System for Determining the Efficiency of Shunt Active Power Filter”

325- Latifa Oukhellou, Raïssa Onanena, Faicel Chamroukhi, Denis Candusso, Patrice Aknin, Daniel Hissel, “Supervised learning of a regression model based on latent process. Application to the estimation of fuel cell life time”


Coffee Break


Special Sessions papers



Special Session: Machine Learning in System Security 

Session Chair: Seref Sagiroglu

212- Tiago Almeida, Jurandy Almeida, Akebo Yamakami, "Evaluation of Approaches for Dimensionality Reduction Applied with Naive Bayes Anti-Spam Filters"

308- Melissa Danforth, "Towards a Classifying Artificial Immune System for Web Server Attacks"

316-  Miho Itoh, "Contextual analysis processing able to interpret coherence of knowledge representations related to reputation"

Special Session: Machine Learning in Energy Applications II

Session Chair: Ilhami Colak

328- Fujio Kurokawa, Hidenori Maruta, Tomoyuki Mizoguchi, “A New Digital Control DC-DC Converter with Method of Machine Learning Predictor“

333- Silviu Ionita,Multi Agent Holonic Based Architecture for Intelligent Power Management in Residential Areas”


Award Presentation (best papers, best posters, ICMLA competition award etc.)

Closing Remarks