Special Session


Machine Learning and Data Mining Methods in Bioinformatics


The Seventh International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA’08)


December 11-13, 2008 – San Diego, California, USA




Bioinformatics is the science of managing, mining, and interpreting information from biological and biomedical data. The recently developed high throughput techniques have lead to fast accumulation of large volume of data. For example, the genome sequencing projects have contributed to an exponential growth in complete and partial sequence databases. The structural genomics initiative aims to produce all protein structure for fully sequenced genomes. Microarrays and proteomics techniques have produced a comprehensive profile of the cellular machinery in terms of gene expression, protein quantity, and protein-protein interaction, among others. What characterizes the state of the field is the flood of data that exists today or that is anticipated in the future; data that needs to be MINED to help unlock the secrets of the cell.


While tremendous progress has been made over the years, many of the fundamental problems in bioinformatics, such as sequence annotation and structure prediction, are still open. Data mining will play a fundamental role in understanding data in the biological and biomedical domain such as gene expression, drug design and other emerging problems in genomics and proteomics. Furthermore, text mining will be fundamental in extracting knowledge from the growing literature in bioinformatics.



The rapid development of bioinformatics techniques is leading to innovations in various fields in computer science including data mining, information retrieve, and database management, among others. The workshop will provide a forum for investigators to present the latest data mining research in bioinformatics. We encourage papers that propose novel data mining techniques for tasks such as:


            *          Gene expression analysis

            *          Gene sequence annotation

            *          Protein/RNA structure prediction

            *          Sequence and structural motifs

            *          Modeling of biochemical pathways and biological networks

            *          Biomedical literature mining

            *          Drug design

            *          Biological databases


The special session will be an integral part of the ICMLA’08 conference i.e. submission, 
acceptance decision and publication will be made using the same procedures as for papers 
submitted to the conference. The authors should submit papers directly to the conference, 
indicating that they concern the special session. Papers must correspond to the requirements 
detailed in the instructions to authors, which are placed on the conference web site. All accepted 
papers must be presented by one of the authors to be published in the conference proceeding. 


Regular Research Papers due                           June 15, 2008   July 15, 2008

Notification of acceptance                                           September 1, 2008

Camera-ready papers & Pre-registration                      October 1, 2008

The ICMLA Conference                                              December 11-13, 2008



Special Session Chair:

       Luke Huan, University of Kansas


Program Committee:

      Tao Li, Florida International University
      Jieping Ye, Arizona State University
      Tony Hu, Drexel University
      Jason Wang, New Jersey Institute of Tech. New Jersey's Science and Tech. Univ.

      Jun Huan, University of Kansas