Presentation Information

Oral Presentation
Each oral presentation will be for 20 minutes. Standard over head projector
and a laptop will be provided. However, if you feel that you own laptop
might help you in presenting your paper smoothly, you are encouraged to bring
your own laptop with you.

Poster Presentation

1) Each poster is expected to make use a standard size drawing sheet, where
   main theme of the paper is summarised. 

2) During the poster session time, presenters are expected to remain at their individual 
   displays to be available for questions and informal discussion of the poster content.

3) Equipment using electrical support or other audio-visual equipment MAY NOT BE USED in 
   a poster session.

4) Hotel Confernce Set will help the authors to display their
   posters on the wall. Please use the masking tape the hotel will provide. 

5) The poster can be most effective for your presentation and most valuable for the 
   conference participants if: 
   a) All lettering on the poster is legible and large enough to be read from 5-10 feet away. 
   b) The poster clearly and concisely states the theme of your presentation, such as a statement 
      of your topic or problem, major findings, conclusions or strategies to be discussed, or 
      any other pertinent information. The sequence of information on the poster should be 
      logical and clear in order for a participant who just walks by and reads your poster to 
      have a clear idea of your presentation and the major facets of it. 
   c) Use lists, phrases, bullets, charts, drawings, or photographs on your poster instead of 
      full text blocks. This is will be more appealing to the eye for participants and full-text 
      material can be included on the table for participants to read or review or take with them. 
   d) Use color on your poster for eye appeal.