Thursday, December 14, 2006

7:30 am 6:00pm Registration

7:30am 8:55am Breakfast

8:55am 9:00am Opening Session

9:00am 10:00am
  • Invited Speaker : Professor John Lafferty, Carnegie Mellon University

  • 10:00am 10:20am Coffee Break

    Room Coral A Inductive and Machine Learning Classifiers

    Session Chair: M. Arif Wani

    PaperTitle Authors

    10:20am 12:20pm Condition Monitoring Using Pattern Recognition Techniques on Data Acoustics Emissions Siril Yella, Naren Gupta, and Mark Doughterty

    A New Machine Learning Technique Based on Straight Line Segments Joăo Henrique Burckas Ribeiro and Ronaldo Fumio Hashimoto

    Horizon Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques Sergiy Fefilatyev, Volha Smarodzinava, Lawrence O. Hall, and Dmitry B. Goldgof

    Rule Extraction from Opaque Models - A Slightly Different Perspective Ulf Johansson, Tuve Löfström, Rikard König, Cecilia Sönströd, and Lars Niklasson

    Off-line Signature Recognition and Verification by Kernel Principal Component Self-Regression Bai-Ling Zhang

    Naive Bayes Classification Given Probability Estimation Trees Zengchang Qin

    12:20pm 02:00pm Lunch Break

    Room Coral A Learning

    Session Chair: Necla Özkaya

    02:00pm 03:40pm An Efficient Heuristic for Discovering Multiple Ill-Defined Attributes in Datasets Sylvain Hallé

    Lazy Rule Refinement by Knowledge-Based Agents Cristina Boicu, Gheorghe Tecuci, and Mihai Boicu

    Semi-supervised Data Organization for Interactive Anomaly Analysis Javed Aslam, Sergey Bratus, and Virgil Pavlu

    Incremental Learning by Decomposition Abdelhamid Bouchachia

    Market Mechanism Designs with Heterogeneous Trading Agents Zengchang Qin

    03:40pm 04:00pm Coffee Break

    Room Coral A Applications I

    Session Chair: Seref Sagiroglu

    04:00pm 06:00pm An Intelligent Automatic Fingerprint Recognition Necla Özkaya, Seref Sagiroglu, and M. Arif Wani

    Application of Reinforcement earning in Development of a New Adaptive Intelligent Traffic Shaper Networks Iman Shames, Nima Najmaei, Mohammad Zamani, and A.A. Safavi

    Regression Databases: Probabilistic Querying Using Sparse Learning Sets Alexander Brodsky, Carlotta Domeniconi, and David Etter

    Explaining Winning Poker - A Data Mining Approach Ulf Johansson, Cecilia Sönströd, and Lars Niklasson

    A Comparison of Software Fault Imputation Procedures Jason Van Hulse, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, and Chris Seiffert

    Web Robot Learning Powered by Bluetooth Communication System Seref Sagiroglu, Nihat Yilmaz, and M. Arif Wani

    Formal Concept Analysis for Digital Ecosystem
    Huaiguo Fu

    06:00pm 07:00pm Poster Session I
    Paper IDs: 117, 129, 138, 140, 143, 152, 118, 128, 139, 148, 153, 121, 124, 127, 141,150, 176, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 17

    Friday, December 15, 2006

    7:30 am 6:00pm Registration

    7:30am 9:00am Breakfast

    9:00am 10:00am
  • Invited Speaker : Dr. Vasile Palade, University of Oxford, UK

  • 10:00am 10:20am Coffee Break

    Room Coral A Machine Learning Applications in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Medicine

    Session Chair: Taghi Khoshgoftaar

    PaperTitle Authors

    10:20am 12:20pm An Accurate and Robust Missing Value Estimation for Microarray Data Least Absolute Deviation Imputation Yi Cao and Kim Leng Poh

    A New Scheme for Nucleotide Sequence Signature Extraction Sung-Soo Kim, Chan-Hee Lee, Keon Myung Lee, and Sung-Duk Lee

    A Feature Selection Algorithm for Detecting Subtype Specific Functional Sites from Protein Sequences for Smad Receptor Binding Elena Marchiori, Walter Pirovano, Jaap Heringa, and K. Anton Feenstra

    Automatic Intravital Video Mining of Rolling and Adhering Leukocytes Xin C. Anders, Chengoui Zhang, and Hong Yuan

    Ensemble Classifiers for Medical Diagnosis of Knee Osteoarthritis Using Gait Data Nigar Sen Köktas, Nese Yalabik, and Günes Yavuzer

    Quantization of Global Gene Expression Data Tae-Moon Chung, Marcel Brun, and Seungchan Kim

    12:20pm 02:00pm Lunch Break

    Room Coral A Machine Learning Applications in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Medicine

    Session Chair: Tao Li

    02:00pm 03:00pm Robust Model Selection Using Cross Validation: A Simple Iterative Technique for Developing Robust Gene Signatures in Biomedical Genomics Applications Venkatesh, Charles Rowland, Hongjin Huang, Olivia. T. Abar and John Sninsky

    Prediction of Antisense Oligonucleotide Efficiency Using Local and Global Information with Support Vector Machine Roger Craig and Li Liao

    Information of Binding Sites Improves Prediction of Protein Interaction Tapan Patel, Manoj Pillay, Rahul Jawa, and Li Liao

    Room Coral A Evolutionar Mathods

    Session Chair: Tao Li

    03:00pm 03:40pm An Adaptable Time Warping Distance for Time Series Learning Remi Gaudin and Nicolas Nicoloyannis

    Introducing Emergent Loose Modules into the Learning Process of a Linear Genetic Programming System Xin Li, Chi Zhou, Weimin Xiao, and Peter C. Nelson

    03:40pm 04:00pm Coffee Break

    4:00pm 5:00pm
  • Invited Speaker : Dr. Wei Fan, IBM T. J. Watson Research

  • Room Coral A Text and Multimedia Learning

    Session Chair: Taghi Khoshgoftaar

    05:00pm 06:00pm Detecting Web Content Function Using Generalized Hidden Markov Model Jinlin Chen, Ping Zhong, and Terry Cook

    Trend Analysis for Large Document Streams Chengliang Zhang, Shenghuo Zhang, and Yihong Gong

    Identity Representability of Facial Expressions: An Evaluation Using Feature Pixel Distributions Qi Li and Chandra Kambhamettu

    06:00pm 07:00pm Poster Session II
    Paper IDs: 18, 180, 182, 126, 173, 145, 156, 172, 119, 179, 159, 107, 130, 168, 101, 114, 166, 135, 146, 149, 160, 178

    7:00pm 9:00pm
    Conference Dinner and Best Paper Awards

    Saturday, December 16, 2006

    07:30am 12:20pm Registration

    7:30am 9:00am Breakfast

    9:00am 10:00am
  • Workshop

  • 10:00am 10:20am Coffee Break

    Room Coral A Feature Extraction, Selection and Clustering

    Session Chair: Seref Sagiroglu

    PaperTitle Authors

    10:20am 12:20pm An Approximate Version of Kernel PCA Shawn Martin

    Reducing High-Dimensional Data by Principal Component Analysis vs. Random Projection for Nearest Neighbor Classification Sampath Deegalla and Henrik Boström

    A Fast Feature Selection Model for Online Handwriting Symbol Recognition B. Q. Huang and M. T. Kechadi

    TF-ICF: A New Term Weighting Scheme for Clustering Dynamic Data Streams Joel W. Reed, Yu Jiao, Thomas E. Potok, Brian A. Klump, Mark T. Elmore, and Ali R. Hurson

    A Printing Workflow Recommendation Tool - Exploiting Correlations between Highly Sparse Case Logs Ming Zhong and Tong Sun

    Learning the Threshold in Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering Kristine Daniels and Christophe Giraud-Carrier

    12:20pm 02:00pm Lunch Break

    Room Coral A Support Vector Machines

    Session Chair: Necla Özkaya

    02:00pm 03:40pm Supernova Recognition Using Support Vector Machines Raquel R. Romano, Cecilia R. Aragon, and Chris Ding

    On L1-Norm Multi-class Support Vector Machines Lifeng Wang, Xiaotong Shen, and Yuan F. Zheng

    Two-Level Hierarchical Hybrid SVM-RVM Classification Model Catarina Silva and Bernardete Ribeiro

    Modeling Hesitation and Conflict: A Belief-Based Approach for Multi-class Problems Thomas Burger, Oya Aran, and Alice Caplier

    Shape Recognition and Retrieval Using String of Symbols Mohammad Reza Daliri and Vincent Torre

    3:40pm 3:45pm Closing Session
    03:45pm 04:00pm Coffee