Thursday, December 15,2005

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8:00-8:55 Breakfast and Registration

8:55-5:00 Registration to Continue

8:55-9:00 Opening Session

  • Invited Speaker : Professor Masoud Nikravesh

  • 10:00-10:20 Coffee Break

    Room 1 Clustering

    Session Chair: Ray Hashemi

    10:20-12:00 143 Exploratory Data Mining Lead by Text Mining Using a Novel High Dimensional Clustering Algorithm Rasika Amarasiri Rasika Amarasiri, Jason Ceddia, Damminda Alahakoon

    168 A New Graph-Based Evolutionary Approach to Sequence Clustering A. Sima Uyar A. Sima Uyar, Sule Gunduz Oguducu

    194 Towards Discovering Organizational Structure from Email Corpus Ding Zhou Ding Zhou, Yang Song, Ya Zhang, Hongyuan Zha

    202 Decoupling of Clustering and Classification Steps in a Cluster-Based Classification Ray Hashemi

    Room 2 Special Session: Applications of Machine Learning in Medicine and Biology I

    Session Chair: Marek Reformat

    10:20-12:00 114 A Bayesian Kernel for the Prediction of Neuron Properties from Binary Gene Profiles Francois Fleuret François Fleuret, Wulfram Gerstner

    133 New Filter-based Feature Selection Criteria for Identifying Differentially Expressed Genes Lit-Hsin Loo Lit-Hsin Loo, Samuel Roberts, Leonid Hrebien, Moshe Kam

    164 A New Clustering Algorithm Using Message Passing and its Applications in Analyzing Microarray Data Xutao Deng huimin geng, Xutao Deng, Hesham Ali

    179 Discriminating Transmembrane Proteins From Signal Peptides Using SVM-Fisher Approach Robel Kahsayo Li Liao, Robel Kahsay, Guang Gao

    180 Iterative Weighting of Phylogenetic Profiles Increases Classification Accuracy Li Liao Fernando Lozano, Vladimir Koltchinskii

    12:00-1:30 Lunch Break

    Room 1 Classification II

    Session Chair Taghi Khoshagoftaar
    1:30-3:10 120 Decision Rule Extraction and Reduction Based on Grey Lattice Classification Daisuke Yamaguchi Daisuke Yamaguchi, Li Guo-Dong, Kozo Mizutani, Takahiro Akabane, Masatake Nagai, Masatoshi Kitaoka

    146 Feature selection based on word--sentence relation Andras Benczur Peter Schonhofen, Andras Benczur

    177 Active Learning for Reducing Bias and Variance of a Classifier Using Jensen-Shannon Divergence Minoo Aminian

    182 Knowledge Acquisition through Machine Learning: Minimising Expert’s Effort Ricardo Blanco Vega Ricardo Blanco Vega, José Hernández Orallo, María José Ramírez Quintana

    199 Identifying Noise in an Attribute of Interest Taghi Khoshgoftaar

    Room 2 Special Session: Applications of Machine Learning in Medicine and Biology II

    Session Chair: Lukasz Kurgan

    1:30:00-3:10 118 Scopira; A Pattern Recognition Application Framework for Biomedical Datasets Rodrigo Vivanco Rodrigo Vivanco, Aleksander Demko, Nick J. Pizzi

    176 Integrating Knowledge-Driven and Data-Driven Approaches for the Derivation of Clinical Prediction Rules Mila Kwiatkowska

    193 Multi-class, Multi-label Associative Classification of Medical Documents from MEDLINE database Rafal Rak Rafal Rak, Lukasz Kurgan, Marek Reformat
    3:10-3:30 Coffee Break

    Room 1 Applications II

    Session Chair: Peter Stengard

    3:30-6:00 116 Data-Centric Automated Data Mining Marcos Campos Marcos Campos, Peter Stengard, Boriana Milenova

    117 Creation and Deployment of Data Mining-Based Intrusion Detection Systems in Oracle Database 10g Marcos Campos Marcos Campos, Boriana Milenova

    196 The Data Mining Advisor; Meta-learning at the Service of Practitioners Christophe Giraud-Carrier

    200 Intrusion Detection in Wireless Networks using Clustering Techniques with Expert Analysis Taghi Khoshgoftaar Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Shyam Nath, Shi Zhong, Naeem Seliya

    Room 2 Special Session: Applications of Machine Learning in Medicine and Biology IIII

    Session Chair: Ying Liu
    3:30-6:00 132 Drug Design by Machine Learning; Ensemble Learning for QSAR Modeling Ying Liu

    159 Sparse classifiers for Automated Heart Wall Motion Abnormality Detection Glenn Fung Glenn Fung, Maleeha Qazi

    160 Attribute Selection Methods Comparison for Classification of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Julio Cesar Nievola Julio Cesar Nievola, Helyane Bronoski Borges

    166 Incorporating Prior Knowledge into Q-Learning for Drug Delivery Individualization Adam Gaweda Adam Gaweda, Mehmet Muezzinoglu, George Aronoff, Alfred Jacobs, Jacek Zurada, Michael Brier

    Friday , December 16

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    8:00-9:00 Breakfast

    Room 1 Learning

    Session Chair :Mahdi Adda

    9:00-10:00 121 Optimization Approaches for Semi-Supervised Learning Yasutoshi Yajima Yasutoshi Yajima, Takashi Hoshiba

    174 Equating Interestingness of Causal Rules via Graded Response Theory SHINICHI HAMANO

    192 Efficient Construction of Relational Features Filip Zelezny

    Room 2 Classification I

    Session Chair: Senjian An

    9:00-10:00 104 Fuzzy Labeled Soft Nearest Neighbor Classification with Relevance Learning Frank-Michael Schleif Thomas Villmann, Frank-Michael Schleif, Barbara Hammer

    148 Intelligent combination of Kernels information for improved classification Abdul Majid

    149 Fast Cross-validation of Kernel Fisher Discriminant Classifiers Senjian An Senjian An, Wanquan Liu, Svetha Venkatesh

    10:00-10:20 Coffee Break

    Room 1 Asscociations Learning

    Session Chair: Martin Spott Chair:Mirko Boettcher
    10:20-12:00 156 On the discovery of semantically enhanced sequential patterns Mehdi Adda mehdi adda, Petko Valtchev, Rokia Missaoui

    157 Fuzzy Frequent Pattern Discovering Based on Recursive Elimination Xiaomeng Wang Xiaomeng Wang, Christian Borgelt, Rudolf Kruse

    154 Detecting Temporally Redundant Association Rules Martin Spott Mirko Boettcher, Martin Spott, Detlef Nauck

    173 Visual Interface for Online Watching of Frequent Itemset Generation in Apriori and Eclat Reda Alhajj

    Room 2 Special Session: Applications of Machine Learning in Medicine and Biology IV

    Session Chair: Valentina Zubek

    10:20-12:00 135 Segmenting Brain Tumors using Alignment-Based Features Mark Schmidt Mark Schmidt, Ilya Levner, Russell Greiner

    151 Censored Time Trees for Predicting Time to PSA Recurrence Valentina Zubek Valentina Zubek, David Verbel, Olivier Saidi

    153 The application of machine learning techniques to the prediction of erectile dysfunction Hui Liu Hui Liu, Ash Kshirsagar, Craig Niederberger

    162 Abduction and induction for learning models of inhibition in metabolic networks Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad, Raphael Chaleil, Antonis Kakas, Stephen Muggleton

    191 Depth of Anaesthesia Assessment with Generative Polyspectral Models Iead Rezek Iead Rezek, Stephen J. Roberts, Ellini Siva

    12:00-1:30 Lunch Break

    Room 1 Text Processing

    Session Chair: Chair: Rafal Rak
    1:30-3:10 145 A Comparison of Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Text Retrieval Vishwa Vinay Vishwa Vinay, Ingemar Cox

    163 Learning Contextual Behavior of Text Data Hemant Joshi Hemant Joshi, Coskun Bayrak

    190 TSTMT; Step towards an Accurate Thai Sign Translation Thammanoon Ditcharoen Thammanoon Ditcharoen, Kanlaya Naruedomkul, Nick Cercone, Bundit Tipakorn

    195 Speeding-up Text Categorization in a GRID Computing Environment Bernardete Ribeiro Catarina Silva, Bernardete Ribeiro, Uros Lotric

    Room 2 Evolutionary-based Methods

    Session Chair : Reda Alhajj

    1:30-3:10 113 Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem through Genetic Algorithms with Changing Crossover Operators Ryouei Takahashi

    139 Switching for Functional Localization of Genetic Network Programming Shinji Eto Shinji Eto, Kotaro Hirasawa, Jingle Hu

    172 Effective Data Mining by Integrating Genetic Algorithm into the Data Preprocessing Phase Reda Alhajj

    178 Direct Evolution of Hierarchical Solutions with Self-Emergent Substructures Xin Li Xin Li, Chi Zhou, Weimin Xiao, Peter C. Nelson

    181 Self bounding genetic algorithms for machine learning Fernando Lozano Fernando Lozano, Vladimir Koltchinskii

    3:10-3:30 Coffee Break

  • Invited Speaker : Dr. Stuart Rubin

  • Room 1 Application I

    Session Chair: M. Arif Wani

    4:30- 6:00 107 TASOM-based Lip Tracking Using the Color and Geometry of the Face Mahsa Kamali Moghaddam Mahsa Kamali Moghaddam, Reza Safabakhsh

    165 Face recognition using OPRA-faces Effrosyni Kokiopoulou Effrosyni Kokiopoulou, Yousef Saad

    210 Turbo Decoding as a Message-Passing Algorithm Woogon Chung

    205 Parallel Algorithm for Control Chart Pattern Recognition Targeted at Reconfigurable Multi-ring Hardware M. Arif Wani, S. Rashid

    Room 2 Applications

    Session Chair: Chair: Christophe Giraud-Carrier
    4:30-6:00 111 Class-Dependent Resampling for Medical Applications J. Salvador Sanchez Rosa Maria Valdovinos, J. Salvador Sanchez

    170 Comparing Machine Learning Classification Schemes; a GIS Approach Alina Lazar Alina Lazar, Bradley Shellito

    201 Predicting Software Suitability using a Bayesian Belief Network Justin Beaver Justin Beaver, Guy Schiavone, Joseph Berrios

    7:00-10:00 Conference Dinner

    Saturday , December 17

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    8:40-9:40 Breakfast

    Room 1 Boosting

    9:40-11:00 Session Chair: Salvador Sanchez

    147 Automatic Defect Classification Using Boosting Sang Hwa Lee : Sang Hwa Lee, Hong Il Kim, Nam Ik Cho, Yu Han Jeong, Ki Suk chung, Chung Sam Jun

    152 An Efficient Multicategory Classifier Based on AdaBoosting Hong Il Kim Hong Il Kim, Sang Hwa Lee, Nam Ik Cho

    171 Algorithms for parallel boosting Fernando Lozano Fernando Lozano, Pedro Rangel

    175 Boosting of Support Vector Machines with application to editing Fernando Lozano Pedro Rangel, Fernando Lozano, Elkin García

    11:00 -11:30 Closing Session : Best Paper Award Announcement